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Premium grass-fed and finished beef and  heirloom Mangalitsa Pork from our ranch to your table!

ranching methods

Inspired by nature itself, we strive to raise our livestock in a way that replicates the behaviours of wild herds and is as natural as possible. Our animals are Grazed in the Wild – spending their entire lives foraging pastures and roaming forests. Through implementing rotational grazing methods and mimicking the biodiversity found in nature, it is our vision to improve the overall health of our land and our planet, while providing nourishing meat for you and your family. 

Meat Boxes

Nothing makes us more proud than sharing our nutrient rich 100% grass-fed and finished highland beef and pasture-raised Mangalitsa pork with you. These slow-growing, highly marbled meats are known to be superior in flavour and tenderness with additional health benefits, including higher levels of various vitamins and antioxidants. Our all-natural beef and pork is free from antibiotics, added hormones and chemicals.                               

Our Animals

The decision to raise Highland cattle and Mangalitsa Hogs was based around their compatibility with our vision for our land and this Ranch. Both Highlands and Mangalitsas alike are resilient to the harsh winters of Northern Ontario and are exceptionally hardy, being well adapted to forages of their surroundings and less susceptible to pests and diseases. They are also efficient grazers and foragers eating what other livestock of their kind pass by, and are known to improve pastures and clear woodlots.

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Welcome to our ranch

We’re Jason and Rachel and we are the working hands behind Woollysteer Ranch. Nestled in the wild woods of Nolalu, ON, we live in a small 500sq ft. cabin with our daughters, Georwyn and Keitta. Our deep seeded love for simple, frontier living and passion for a sustainable, healthy lifestyle have been the driving force behind our heritage style of ranching that is rooted in traditional ecological knowledge. We are first generation farmers dedicated to sharing our journey with you and selling our meat directly to YOU, so you can know exactly where your food came from and can trust that it is one of the cleanest and healthiest meat that you can get. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for being here!

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